The development situation of packaging machinery, the pursuit of high-efficiency packaging life

With the continuous efforts of many packaging machinery manufacturers, domestic packaging machinery has achieved good results in terms of manufacturing, measurement, and technical performance. The equipment has the characteristics of complete sets, rapidity, high degree of automation, and excellent reliability and performance.
Packaging Machinery Update Considerations
It is reported that behind the rapid development of China’s packaging industry, a large number of high-tech complete sets of equipment still rely on imports, and a large amount of foreign exchange is used to import complete sets of high-end equipment every year. For example, plastic film biaxial stretching equipment, a production line of nearly 100 million yuan, has been introduced since the 1970s. So far, 110 such production lines have been imported in China. In addition, aseptic packaging boxes and filling equipment widely used in the dairy industry are almost all provided by a foreign company.

In recent years, the demand for packaging machinery in various industries in my country has been increasing year by year. Although there are many packaging industries in my country, relatively speaking, nearly 100 types of packaging machinery in China are far from meeting the needs of many industries. Therefore, domestic packaging machinery should actively seek a better development path from the needs of related industries, and it is also a good response to improve the applicability of packaging machinery.

At the same time, the global packaging machinery has also entered a new stage.

According to the forecast of the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States will enter an aging society by 2025. The American packaging industry fully considers the potential needs of elderly consumers for packaging products and begins to develop packaging that adapts to the characteristics of an aging society in the future, such as zipper-type packaging. The packaging industry is committed to providing consumers with more convenient packaging.

Packaging Pocket Life
With the development of science and technology, notebook computers will become thinner and thinner, and mobile phone screens will become larger and larger. In the “light” era, mobile products such as mobile APP, WeChat, Weibo, etc. have quietly entered our lives, affecting our behavior from time to time.

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, people obtain industry information on a daily basis, and the way of business opportunities in the industry has been extended from the traditional Internet and moved to the mobile Internet. The application of mobile information represented by Weibo and APP is changing people’s work habits. , while promoting the development of marketing in various industries.

Internet and social media use is now common across all age groups. The youth group is the largest user group of the Internet and social media, however in the United States, the use of the elderly population continues to grow. According to the Pew Internet Research Project report, 87% of adults use the Internet. When broken down by age group, 57% of people over 65 are internet users. Further Pew research shows that social media use among older adults online has tripled since 2009. Digital technology is no longer just for young people.

For traditional packaging companies, mobile applications and other products can effectively promote the interaction between companies/brands and customers, and improve the stickiness between companies and customers.

Packaging machinery is still insufficient
In recent years, there is still a big gap between my country and the advanced level of foreign countries, which needs to be improved urgently. When the investment in research and development accounts for 1% of the company’s sales, it is difficult for the company to survive, it can barely survive when it accounts for 2%, and it can be competitive when it accounts for 5%. less than 1%.

According to statistics, the national R&D expenditure only accounts for 0.3% to 0.5% of the sales revenue of enterprises, and the R&D personnel only account for 3.4% to 4% of the employees. The experimental conditions of research institutes and institutions of higher learning are backward. Compared with foreign scientific research investment levels, my country’s scientific research investment is seriously insufficient, resulting in a low degree of automation in my country’s food equipment industry and poor market satisfaction; more stand-alone products, less complete sets of equipment; more main engines, less auxiliary machines; products with low technical content More, less high-tech, high value-added, high-productivity products; more primary processing equipment, less deep processing equipment; more general-purpose models, fewer models with special requirements and special materials processing. Compared with similar foreign products, the product performance is low in production capacity and high in energy consumption. The average energy consumption is 4 to 6 times that of developed countries. In particular, the performance gap of large-scale complete sets of equipment is larger. The production capacity of the more advanced domestic models is about 1/2 of the foreign advanced level, while the overall technical level of my country’s food equipment is about 20 years behind developed countries.

In fact, it is not in a hurry. The problems that packaging machinery needs to solve are not unique to China. German packaging machinery, especially food packaging machinery, has the characteristics of high-speed complete sets, high degree of automation and good reliability. Increasing the speed of the machine is a complex problem. The faster the speed, the lower the production cost per piece, but the area of ​​the workshop will increase. In addition, the motor speed is also limited, so you can’t think as fast as you want. Generally speaking, increasing the speed by 15% to 20% will bring about a series of complex problems.

Post time: Apr-09-2022